At C’Space 2019, Leofly Successfully Launches Its Three Rockets with Cnes and Wins the Prize for the Experiment
12 Sep 2019 /
By Jonathan Riquier /
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For one week, members of the LeoFly project teams, the student association for space and aeronautics enthusiasts, participated in C’Space 2019, organized by Planète Sciences in partnership with CNES.

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Aeronautics and Space Industry: 3 Projects by French Engineering Students
03 May 2018 /
By ESILV Paris /
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A core sector of the French industry, aeronautics must innovate to carry an increasing number of passengers in performing and environment-friendly aircrafts, in a highly competitive global market. ESILV trains students to become engineers in the aeronautics and space industry, through the Computational Mechanics and Modelling major. Here are three final-year projects led in teams […]

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