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Train young operational engineers in company

The ESILV’s teaching project, made with and for companies, and the important part of experiences into company during the course (14 months minimum), contribute to explain the successful insertion of ESILV’s young graduates in the job market. ESILV improves some very close links with companies in all business sectors: aeronautics, automobile, civil engineering, engineering, IT department, telecommunication, bank, insurance…


Become a partner company

Becoming a privileged partner of the Pôle Léonard de Vinci and its schools means having access to a range of dedicated opportunities. Distribute your offers Take advantage of push operations for your internship, work-study or job offers directly on the emails of students according to your targeting parameters and distributed by the Teaching Manager as […]

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Alumni Network

Devinci Alumni Network After graduation, the academic experience continues in the form of alumni experience. The ESILV alumni network is a dedicated and committed community. ESILV alumni, in the midst of their careers, still participate in campus life, get involved with students, contribute to the development of their school and, of course, forge links with […]

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First job survey

First job survey 2023 Engineers graduating in the class of 2022 (for the 2023 survey) were interviewed 6 months after graduation. How do ESILV engineering graduates fare in the job market after 5 years of engineering studies? This is the question answered each year by the first job survey. The first job survey is carried […]

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Propose a project to our students

In all the courses offered by ESILV, the emphasis is on practical implementation. We believe that the assimilation of knowledge is better if it is accompanied by a practical example. This is why we make students work on concrete “projects”. Submit a project Undergraduate level projects PIX 1 PIXs are scientific and technical projects whose […]

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Corporate Relations Contacts

Pascal Cathalifaud

Corporate Relations Director

01 81 00 27 91
LinkedinCATHALIFAUD Pascal email

Edouard Champion

Corporate Partnership Manager

+33 1 81 00 27 52
Linkedin Edouard Champion e-mail

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