2020 Schools of Engineering Rankings in France

ESILV is in the Top 5 post-baccalaureate engineering schools and 1st school in Ile-de-France in all four rankings published in Le Figaro, l’Etudiant and l’Usine Nouvelle in 2019-2020.

Each ranking list is designed according to criteria that vary from one medium to another; what they have in common is that they take into account academic excellence and research, internationality, proximity to companies and professional integration, not forgetting entrepreneurship. ESILV is constantly progressing in the rankings.

Le Figaro – December 2019 (new)

The Le Figaro ranking is an important tool for candidates interested by schools of engineering in France awarding the Grade de Master, and forms part of an arsenal of league tables published each year by reference media such as l’Etudiant and L’Usine Nouvelle.

Ranking of Generalist and Multidisciplinary Engineering Schools

  • 4th overall and 1st in Ile-de-France
  • 2nd post-baccalaureate school

ESILV is ranked 4th among general schools list, schools that “prepare students for a very wide range of professions, from industry to the world of finance” according to Le Figaro.

Ranking of Engineering Schools in Numerical – Computer Science – Mathematics

  • 12th overall
  • 4th post-baccalaureate school and 1st in Ile-de-France

ESILV’s positions in these two rankings confirm the validity of ESILV’s positioning as a “generalist school at the heart of digital technologies”.

L’Etudiant – February 2020

L’Etudiant magazine is well renowned paper which publish University league tables every year in France

  • 27th overall (+7 places compared to 2019)
  • 5th post-baccalaureate school (+3 places compared to 2019) and 1st in Ile-de-France

l’Etudiant editorial team highlighted the double Engineer-Manager diploma in 5 years at ESILV ” In Paris-La Défense (92), the Pôle Léonard de Vinci offers a hybrid course at ESILV with the EMLV. The idea is to provide training for the entire product cycle, from design to sales, including engineering, design and marketing,” explains Jérôme da Rugna, Deputy Director. This will enable students to master the different languages and understand the constraints of other professions. »

L’Usine Nouvelle – February 2020

L’Usine nouvelle is a highly-reputated paper focused on industrial processes and innovation

  • 8th overall (+ 1 place compared to 2019)
  • 1st post-baccalaureate school and 1st in Ile-de-France

Among the 122 schools ranked, ESILV occupies 2nd place on the international scene and 6th place on professional integration, which are key criteria for judging the schools’ added value for large industrial companies.

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