The “Titre d’ingénieur” (national master’s degree in engineering)

Title of qualified engineer graduated of Léonard de Vinci Graduate School of Engineering

Authorisation of ESILV by CTI: ESILV has been authorised, since 2003, by the French engineering accreditation institution (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur) to issue the title of qualified engineer graduated of Léonard de Vinci School of Engineers. This authorisation, has been renewed, in 2019, for a duration of 6 years


French title of “Ingénieur diplômé”

The designation of engineer covers in France two realities which coexist without becoming mixed up:

  • On one hand, the exercise of a professional activity claiming a technical expertise
  • On the other hand, the possession of a degree recognising a long training, according to a programme respecting some balance between scientific, technical and economic subjects and containing a minimum of practical experience

The profession of engineer is not organised, in the sense that it is not subjected to any inspections or administrative regulations. The access to engineer positions is, in principle, totally free. Only the title of qualified engineer is recognised and protected by the law and not the simple designation of engineer.

The title of qualified engineer can only be issued by a school authorised by the CTI, the French engineering accreditation institution, an official organisation, created by the law of July 10, 1934, and placed under the aegis of the Ministry of Higher Education. The title of qualified engineer awards the Master’s degree, and includes by order the mention of the school which has issued it. This title is recognised in Europe as part of the EUR-ACE label (http://www.feani.org).



The French engineering accreditation institution (CTI)

The main aim of the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI), an organisation of assessment and authorisation of engineer trainings, is the continuous improvement of these trainings in order to achieve a high level of quality.

If the self-assessment is from now on considered at the national and international level as the primordial and essential element for the quality of the Higher Education establishments, it must be completed by an external assessment.

The external assessment made by the CTI leads to the research of a permanent improvement and a national and international formal recognition of trainings.

“Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur” (CTI) mission :

The French engineering accreditation institution (CTI) is assigned with the mission:

  • of studying every question related to engineer trainings, whatever the field
  • of examining the requests of authorisation of engineer trainings left by the educational establishments and following the evolution of these trainings
  • of intervening, if necessary, to save the quality of the trainings that it has authorised
  • of proceeding to every inquiry in educational establishments and to professionals.

The inspection of engineers’ training by the CTI awards some quality guarantees, as on the value of the trainings as regarding professional abilities of graduates.

The fame and the regard bound to the French title of qualified engineer open to its receivers some perspectives of reaching senior professions, far beyond those of similar trainings existing abroad.

The accreditation institution appears like the essential foundation of the French system of issuance of engineer diploma.

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