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Graduate School of Engineering

ESILV, Leonard de Vinci Graduate School of Engineering is a general engineering school at the heart of digital technologies. ESILV’s pedagogical project is articulated around digital sciences and technologies with nine main specializations: Data Science, Cybersecurity, Health Engineering & Biotechnology, Energy and Sustainable Cities, Modeling and Computational Mechanics, Industry 4.0, Financial Engineering, Actuary and Fintech.  ESILV is a member of the CGE, the UGEI, the CDEFI and Campus France.


2021-2022 Schools of Engineering Rankings in France ESILV is in the Top 4 post-baccalaureate engineering schools and 1st school in Ile-de-France in all four rankings published in Le Figaro, l’Etudiant and l’Usine Nouvelle in 2019-2020. Each ranking list is designed according to criteria that vary from one medium to another; what they have in common […]

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Message from the Dean

Welcome to ESILV! Welcome to ESILV, the De Vinci Higher Education Engineering School situated in the heart of Paris-La Défense. ESILV offers high-level general engineering courses with a strong digital focus. The programmes incorporate a global outlook and proven project-based learning. Its reputation amongst employers speaks for itself. The school is located in the heart […]

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Educational project

ESILV Graduate School of Engineering offers training based on digital technologies, and four big majors: Computer science, Mechanics, Energy, and Finance. ESILV trains in five years the engineers that the digital economy needs: Software Developer, Mechanical System Designer, Information Systems Security, Sales Trader, and Analyst… Our project The construction of a scientific base and a […]

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Our mission

In a setting where hybridized programs in higher education are the rule, ESILV’s mission is to educate students as generalists, of the highest quality, in engineering. In bringing together scientific excellence and technology, the development of multidisciplinary skills and mastery of the issues in sustainability, ESILV educates innovative and responsible actors ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges in a global […]

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The “Titre d’ingénieur” (national master’s degree in engineering)

Authorisation of ESILV by CTI: ESILV has been authorised, since 2003, by the French engineering accreditation institution (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur) to issue the title of qualified engineer graduated of Léonard de Vinci School of Engineers. This authorisation, has been renewed, in 2019, for a duration of 6 years AUTHORISATION CTI French title of “Ingénieur […]

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Accreditations & Networks

 ESILV benefits from French and international accreditations and recognitions (EUR-ACE, CTI). ESILV is also a member of recognised organisations responsible for promoting engineering schools and higher education in general (CGE, UGEI, CDEFI, Campus France). It is a member of the post-bac (Concours Avenir) and post-prepa (Concours e3a-Polytech, Banque PT) entrance examinations. The EUR-ACE label is […]

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