IT, IOT & Security

Ingénieurs informaticiens généralistes en traitement de l’information

Become a computer engineer specialising in the security of systems and connected objects

Engineer’s degree (diplôme d’ingénieur) with a major in IT, IOT & Security in a French CTI-accredited engineering school

This major trains IT engineers with a solid grounding in security for systems and objects, from their design phase to their integration into the company ecosystem. With a view to tomorrow’s fully connected world, the major positions students as professionals who are entirely capable of rising to the challenges of the future posed by connected services, their longevity and their robustness. The course has been awarded a SecNumedu label by France’s Cybersecurity Agency, ANSSI.


#Majeure Informatique, objets connectés et sécurité

Cybersecurity Software Engineer

The school has fostered a real maker-hacker and DIY culture in its societies and student projects.

Maker-Hacker Culture

Students design and innovate around connected objects, AI and security in the Fab Lab, the DeVinci Innovation Centre, the DaVinci Bot and DigiTeam societies, and various technical associations. For hacker culture aficionados, the DaVinciCode society brings hackers together for challenges, warzones and other CTFs, including the De Vinci Higher Education CTF: DaVinciCTF.

SecNumEdu label

The objective of this label is to provide assurance to students and employers that training in the field of digital security meets a charter and criteria defined by the ANSSI in collaboration with stakeholders and professionals in the field (higher education institutions, manufacturers, etc.).


  • Secure app development
  • Artificial intelligence & intelligent objects
  • Forensics
  • Networks and telecommunications
  • Embedded systems and systems architecture
  • IoT protocols and cloud and web services
  • Designing secure architectures
  • Data governance, regulation and GDPR
  • Penetration tests and audits
  • Cyber resilience and risk management
  • Cybersecurity governance
  • Developing secure apps


  • Automatically considering security in all innovation processes
  • Designing and deploying IoT services and architectures
  • Defining and implementing a security policy
  • Mastering the design and integration of cybersecurity solutions


Hard & Soft IoT Engineer, Connected Product Project Manager, Security Engineer, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Risk Management Consultant, IoT Developer, Security Analyst and Auditor, IT Engineer, Mobile Technologies Engineer, IoT Security Architect


Programme Overview

IT, IOT & Security major

Secured Data Structure
AI on Chip
Cloud & virtualization techniques
Java/JEE Secure Coding
Operating Systems
MCU architecture & trust
Security on Mobile Apps
IoT, Blockchain & Trus

Network Architectures
Mesh & Low Power Wide Area Networks
Digital communications & Cellular networks
IoT Pentesting & Audit
IoT Forensics
IoT Security Architecture
AI and Edge computing
Privacy & Security Management (certification ISO27001 Fondations)
Cyber risk and resilience (certification EBIOS Risk Manager)

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Examples of student projects in IT, connected objects and security

Produced by ESILV engineering students

  • Serious Game for Cybersecurity
    #PI²4 Web application for the running of the Fashion Week
    #PI²4 Automation of Closing Inventory Tasks
    Python Program Development to Optimize the Profitability of Hydroelectric Structures
  • #PI²4 Creation of an Online Platform for Data Dissemination
    Air Quality and Sound Level Monitoring System
    Lighthouse activated by Cryptocurrencies
    Hydroponic System for Agriculture
  • Prototype of a nudge-type connected object to save energy in offices
    Pet Tech: cat GPS tracking collar
    #PI²5 Tracking of Alzheimer's patients
    #PI²5 Automatic mapping of an industrial environment network


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