Creative Technology

Mastering innovation from research to manufacturing

Master in engineering with a major in Creative Technology in a French CTI accredited engineering school

This major trains students for a career as a Creative Technologist, which involves using cutting-edge technologies and knowledge to invent new products and uses.

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Creative Technology Major

ESILV Master’s Degree in Engineering

The cross-disciplinary course is a natural precursor to designing integrative and systemic solutions for various aspects of software or products. These engineer-designers lead teams across a company’s research & development, marketing and industrial production departments. They may also produce intellectual contributions such as patents or scientific publications. They develop disruptive technologies and integrate them into new visions of society or a new market.

When they graduate, our students already have a sizeable project portfolio bolstered by various articles, scientific papers and, sometimes, patents. Our researchers and professors come from the world’s most prestigious universities, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Royal College of London and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), as well as leading firms such as Google and Formlabs.


  • Creating a Kickstarter campaign
  • Introduction to scientific research
  • Developing disruptive innovation projects
  • Designing and manufacturing in mechanics, electronics and new materials
  • Artificial intelligence and mixed reality (VR/AR/XR)
  • Developing biology and life sciences technologies
  • IT and network architecture
  • Advanced embedded system programming
  • Marketing strategy, UX design and consumer behaviour

Creative Engineering Skills

  • Developing research and development activities
  • Designing and manufacturing products and software
  • Industrial production of products on a large scale
  • Developing complex software and network architecture
  • Product development mediation between R&D, marketing and production

Career opportunities

Creative Technologist, Startup CEO/CTO, Research and Development Engineer, Product Engineer and Designer, Expert Innovation Consultant, Arts and Sciences Professions


Programme Overview

Creative Technology Major

How to make almost everything
Advanced electronic and mechanic
Soft and Active Matter
Manufacturing 3.0
Bio and Living Technology
Ecosystem deployment
Organic matter and low techBio
studies and manufacturing
Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
Deep Machine Learning
AI Large scale deployment
Embedded Artificial Intelligence
Media and Digital Technology
Web Development
Dataware Management
Social Network Algorithms

Hack & Puzzle
Advanced algorithms
Network Architecture
Big Data Infrastructure
Business development
User study and Consumer Behavior
Marketing strategy
UX Design
Pitch and Talk
Writing and Publication
Shooting and video editing
Innovation Track
Kickstarter campaign
Technological Expedition
Innovative Projects

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