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Our partner universities network offers our students the chance to study in Europe (Erasmus agreements in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands), in the United-States, in Canada, in Mexico, in Australia, in South Africa, in Asia (China, South Korea, Taiwan, India). Our network broadens each year with new partners who are rigorously selected.

An academic semester abroad

Varna University



Corée du Sud

Soongsil University

Corée du Sud

Pace University




Tomas Bata University in Zlín

République Tchèque

Czech technical University

République Tchèque

Coventry University


International Contacts

Alain Ouvrieu

Director of the International Relations Department

+ 33 1 41 16 72 50
Alain Ouvrieu Linkedin Alain Ouvrieu e-mail

Alice Eyraud

Incoming Exchange Students / Erasmus+ Coordinator

+33 1 41 16 72 51
Linkedin e-mail

Sandrine Mutaliph

Outgoing Exchange Students Coordinator

+33 1 41 16 72 90
Linkedin e-mail

Li Zheng

Outgoing Exchange Students Coordinator

+33 1 41 16 72 48
Linkedin e-mail


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