Industry & Robotics

Designing & Implementing the Next-Generation of Industrial Systems

Industry and robotics major in a CTI-accredited engineering school, engineering degree conferring the grade of master

Engineers who delve into the Industry and Robotics major are taken on a transformative educational journey, where they’re trained to design and implement pioneering industrial systems. While these systems have their roots in time-tested industry standards, they’re significantly enhanced by innovative tools and technologies from the digital revolution, encompassing advanced robotics, machine learning, and real-time data analytics. This positions these engineers to spearhead the forthcoming wave of industrial transformation.

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Industry & robotics Major

ESILV Master’s Degree in Engineering

Students will be able to work on the production or service sites of SMEs or industrial companies of all sizes and in all sectors, both in France and abroad.

Preparing the industry of the future

In partnership with major industrial groups (Dassault Systemes, Arcelormittal, Altran / Capgemini Engineering), ESILV has for several years been developing research and development projects on the key themes of Industry 4.0: artificial intelligence for machining in the aerospace and automotive industries, intelligent materials, additive manufacturing and mastery of 3D printing technologies.


  • Modelling and simulation for production and assembly lines and supply chains
  • Management, control and optimisation of processes and industrial data
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Lean management
  • Digital twins, IoT and connected factories
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Project management and innovation management
  • Digital technologies and additive manufacturing
  • Mechatronics and robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence and industry 4.0 tools


  • Implementing and managing modern industrial systems
  • Mastering production chain methods (e.g. lean)
  • Devising and designing the overall organisation of an industrial system: knowing how to model and design automated, robotised industrial production systems
  • Mastering digital technologies (using digital models, virtualisation, augmented reality, Internet of Things, AI, 3D printing)


The Industry and Robotics major is a comprehensive programme tailored for engineers, focusing on equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge to conceptualise, design, and bring to fruition state-of-the-art industrial systems. These systems, whilst adhering to traditional manufacturing principles, seamlessly incorporate tools and technologies stemming from the digital revolution, such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and advanced automation. This ensures that graduates are primed to navigate and contribute significantly to the ever-evolving industrial landscape

Production Engineer, Quality and Maintenance Manager, Industrial Risk Engineer, Process and Methods Project Manager, R&D Engineer, 3D Printing Engineer, Cobotics Engineer, Digital Transformation Project Manager, Predictive Maintenance Engineer


Prrogramme Overview

Industry & Robotics Major

Finite Element Method
Fundamentals of structural Analysis
Vibrations of mechanical systems
Robotics, cobotic and IHM
Additive Manufacturing
Machine Learning for industry
Supply chain management
Modeling and simulation of manufacturing processes
Automatic and control
Artificial intelligence in industry

Mechatronic and Industrial Automation
Quality management
Management of industrial operations
Product Lifecycle Management
Advanced additive manufacturing
Modeling and simulation of manufacturing processes II
Autonomous and embedded systems
Management, control, security and optimization of industrial data
Connected factory
Digital twins
Industrial design and design office

Industry & Robotics student project examples

Produced by ESILV engineering students

  • #PI²5 Processing of cigarette butts into a renewable resource
    #PI²5 Progress of an automated construction site using 5D BIM and IoT
    De Vinci Innovation Center: Sensitive Robotic Arm
    Covid-19 Decontamination Box

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