MSc Cyber Resilience & Crisis Leadership

MSc Cyber Resilience & Crisis Leadership

Developing a strategic view of risk

Enhance your knowledge and skills in the strategic areas of cybersecurity, crisis management, and organisational resilience through our MSc Cyber Resilience & Crisis Leadership programme. Benefitting from ESILV’s significant expertise, particularly as a member of the French government-initiated “Campus Cyber,” this full-time, one-year intensive programme in the heart of Paris offers a distinctive combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to tackle the intricacies of contemporary cybersecurity issues.

MSc Cyber Resilience & Crisis Leadership accredited by CGE – Conférence des Grandes Ecoles • RNCP accredited • 12 month programme • 60ECTS • 2024-2025 tuition fee 12800€ • Intake: October

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    Programme Overview

    The one-year curriculum is meticulously designed to provide students with an in-depth comprehension of cyber threats and the strategic resilience crucial for organisational triumph in the face of emerging cyber threats.

    The MSc Cyber Resilience & Crisis Leadership programme is delivered over two semesters, enriching on-campus seminars with online content. The modules range from fundamental courses such as ‘Cyber Security Basics’ to advanced studies in ‘Holistic Resilience’ and ‘Cyber Crisis Management’, each designed to build a solid foundation. The courses are instructed by high-level research professors and experienced practitioners. The curriculum concludes with a Capstone Project and Internship phase, reinforcing practical application. Students embark on a transformative journey, combining theoretical knowledge with real-world simulations. The programme positions graduates as capable leaders, ready to navigate the complexities of the cyber landscape.

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    Walter Peretti


    Ingénieur, Genie informatique, UTC Responsable Campus Cyber


    • Strategy & IT
    • IT architecture


    • Cyber security basics
    • Information security management system
    • Blue team


    • Risk management system
    • Cyber risk management system


    • Resilience
    • Holistic resilience
    • Cyber crisis management
    • Cyber crisis exercice


    Career services & Employment

    Graduates of the MSc Cyber Resilience & Crisis Leadership programme emerge as sought-after professionals in the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape. Our alumni are well prepared for leadership roles in multinational corporations, government agencies and cybersecurity consultancies with a solid understanding of risk management, information security systems and crisis response strategies.

    Affiliated with “Campus Cyber,” the programme guarantees an abundance of industry collaboration opportunities, connecting students with more than 160 dedicated stakeholders from a variety of sectors.

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    Upon completion of the MSc Cyber Resilience & Crisis Leadership programme, graduates will emerge as highly skilled professionals ready for immediate deployment. Equipped with a robust skill set, our alumni will demonstrate proficiency in:

    • Geopolitical Monitoring: Proficiently tracking cyber-threats and cyber-crime on a global scale.
    • Risk Identification: Identifying the risks of intrusion into an organization’s information systems.
    • Data Risk Analysis: Analyzing risks affecting digital data, ensuring comprehensive threat assessment.
    • Business Intelligence Implementation: Applying business intelligence strategies to enhance organizational resilience.
    • Security Architecture Design: Creating security architectures tailored to the specific risk levels of an organization.
    • Tendering for Security Solutions: Conducting effective calls for tenders for security architectures and solutions.
    • Vendor Selection: Choosing suitable cyber security service providers based on organizational needs.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Keeping abreast of regulatory developments in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.
    • Network and Service Security: Ensuring the secure operation of networks and services.
    • Data and Asset Protection: Safeguarding the company’s data and intangible assets against potential threats.
    • Premises and Infrastructure Security: Implementing measures to secure sensitive premises and critical infrastructures.
    • Operational Security: Executing operational security protocols for comprehensive protection.
    • Cybersecurity Organizational Planning: Developing strategic plans for effective cybersecurity management.
    • Training and Consultancy: Providing training and advice for support services, ensuring staff readiness.
    • Inclusivity and Multiculturalism: Incorporating principles of inclusion for disabled individuals and fostering multicultural awareness.
    • Project and Change Management: Mastering project and change management methodologies for effective implementation.
    • Crisis Management Anticipation: Anticipating and preparing for crisis management scenarios to ensure swift and effective responses.
    • Budgetary Planning: Developing provisional budgets and financing plans aligned with cybersecurity initiatives.
    • Management Control: Implementing management control measures for effective budget steering.
    • Subcontractor Monitoring: Vigilantly monitoring and controlling subcontractors to maintain a robust cybersecurity framework.

    This comprehensive skill set positions our graduates as adept leaders in cybersecurity, ready to tackle the evolving challenges of the digital landscape.

    The ESILV careers service aims to help students realise their potential by offering dedicated careers coaching to define and achieve their career goals.

    As a student of ESILV, you’ll attend careers seminars and events throughout your studies, such as the iPitch&Meet event.

    Each year, the ESILV careers service proposes 40 exclusive on-campus events to introduce students to companies and to our network of 20,000 alumni:

    • International Week
    • Alumni fairs (in Paris and overseas in partner institutions)
    • Meet & Greet with corporate partners
    • Career development workshops
    • Job fairs (in Paris and overseas in partner institutions)
    • Devinci Startup events

    ESILV is proud of its student community engagement and its three career-oriented student clubs:

    • Devinci Partners (focused on relations with corporate partners)
    • Devinci Junior Entreprise (offers junior consultant services to companies)
    • Devinci Investments (opens the doors for students hoping to learn more about Finance)

    The careers service and employment in numbers:

    • 15,000 internship opportunities published on our dedicated platform
    • 40 company visits/conferences per year
    • More than 200 corporate partners attend our events
    • 7 job fairs per year
    • 1 Devinci Startup service to guide you to create your company

    Learn more about our careers events.

    How to Apply

    How to apply


    ESILV welcomes self-motivated students looking to tackle new challenges. We look for students from any academic background, as long as they present a clearly defined study project or career goal.

    Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • 4 year undergraduate degree or 240ECTS or equivalent.
    • IELTS 6.5 (or TOEIC/TOEFL/CEC equivalent)
      Native English speakers, and those who have previously graduated from a programme taught in English, are exempted

    We understand that many English testing centres are closed due to the precautionary measures imposed by many countries to control the Covid-19 outbreak. If you are unable to take your English test, we are happy to offer some alternatives:

    1. If you have previously passed an official English test, even if it is past its official expiry date, you can submit this to your application.
    2. You can take the TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition
    3. You can take the Duolingo online English test (except Chinese applicants)
    4. If you have previously passed an EasySpeaking test, you can submit this to your application.

    For more information contact

    For further information, please contact the international admissions team :  international.admission@devinci.fr

    Whatsapp +33 (0)7 86 16 74 66

    Apply online in 5 minutes

    Application process

    Admission to ESILV programmes is selective. We encourage candidates from business and non-business backgrounds to apply. Selection is based on academic excellence, study projects, personal achievements, international awareness and the willingness to contribute to ESILV ’s learning environment. Candidates will be evaluated first on their application documents and secondly on their performance during the online interview.

    All applications to programmes at ESILV must be made on our online application portal. Your application will be evaluated by the admissions team and by the course director. You will be notified by email of the final decision.

    Important Note: Please use only ONE email address to submit your Online Application and to communicate with the Admissions team.

    Your application may be done in several stages. The information entered each time will not be lost. Application fees must be paid online by bank card. The application fee is not refundable under any circumstances. If you encounter any problems during the completion of your online application, please send an email to international.admissions@devinci.fr


    Pascal Pinot Directeur Ingénieur diplômé de l'ENSTA Bretagne et de SupOptique Chevalier de…
    Cécile Frankart Directrice Adjointe Doctorat en biologie cellulaire de l’Université de Reims-Champagne-Ardenne
    Rémy Sart Directeur des Etudes Doctorat, Mathématiques, Université de Clermont Ferrand -…
    Francesco Salvarani Director of Research PhD, Mathematics, ENS & Università di Genova…
    Nicolas Travers Directeur adjoint de la recherche Doctorat, Informatique, Université Paris Sorbonne…
    Gaël Chareyron Responsable Département Doctorat, traitement d’images et informatique, Université de Saint-Etienne…
    Jean-Gabriel Attali Enseignant-Chercheur Responsable du département Finance Diplômé de l’ENSAE et titulaire…
    Samir Yahiaoui Responsable Département Doctorat, Mécanique des fluides, Université Paris 6 -…
    Martino Grasselli Responsable Financial Group Doctorat, Sciences de gestion, Université Paris 1…
    Cyril Grunspan Responsable Département Doctorat, Mathématiques, Ecole Polytechnique de Paris_Télécom Paris Finance
    Ali Jaghdam Chargé d'Enseignement Doctorat, Sciences économiques, Université Paris Dauphine Mathematiques
    Bérengère Branchet Enseignant Chercheur Doctorat, Mathématiques appliquées, Université de Bordeaux Responsable Projets…

    See all members of Faculty

    Tuition fees

    Tution fees & Finance your education

    2024-2025 FEES: €12800
    APPLICATION DEADLINE: August (October intake)

    Fees include :

    • Tuition fees
    • School administrative fees
    • Access to student facilities (La Defense campus including library, sports rooms, cafeterias, incubator)
    • Access to the ESILV careers service during your studies
    • Lifetime access to the ESILV alumni network


    EMLV offers merit-based scholarships and guidance for government scholarships.

    ESILV Early Bird scholarship

    The Early Bird is a waiver of 20% of the tuition fee at ESILV for candidates who complete their application and pay the application fee of €50 before March 31st.

    De Vinci Excellence Scholarship

    De Vinci Higher Education Group has made available funds for talented students hoping to pursue their studies in ESILV and EMLV schools.

    Eiffel scholarship

    The Eiffel scholarship program is a tool developed by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to allow French higher education institutions to attract the best foreign students in diploma courses at Masters’ and Doctorate/PhD level.

    Other scholarships

    Campus France is a public institution in charge of promoting French higher education abroad and welcoming foreign students and researchers to France. It encourages international mobility and manages scholarship programmes and the alumni network. Campus France manages Campus Bourses (Campus Scholarships) provides information on the scholarships offered to foreign students.

    Find full details of ESILV scholarships on the Fees and Funding page


    Frequently Asked Questions


    The school does not own or manage its own accommodation. We have a partnership with a dedicated online housing search platform. Once you have paid the deposit, you will be granted access to that platform to begin your search.

    You should budget around 750 and 900 euros for a studio. We strongly encourage students to begin their search as early as possible (even before applying for a visa).

    Student Visa

    French law authorises foreign students to an auxiliary work of 964 hours during the year, the equivalent of 60% of the legal working year. It can only be auxiliary income. When you work in France, whether or not you are a student, you are guaranteed a minimum wage by law. We recommend that you begin your programme before looking for a job – your school work is your priority and we cannot allow absences for your job.

    Your Visa application should go through your local Campus France office. You can use your enrolment letter from the school to begin your Visa application.

    We will refund your deposit upon presentation of the official refusal document.

    Yes. International students who have graduated from an RNCP or CGE accredited ESILV programme are eligible for Job seeker/ new business creator residence permit ( former APS. This residence permit allows students to renew their student visa for 1 year to look for a job or create a company in France. Learn more here


    We offer various scholarship each year. Please consult our dedicated page for more information.

    Please check the programme page for up to date pricing, which varies from one programme to another. More info on fees and funding.

    After being accepted to study, you must make the deposit payment to secure your place. Your remaining fees will be invoiced after the start of your programme and can be paid in instalments.


    If English is not your first language, you must demonstrate a B2 level. You should provide a test score (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, Cambridge). If English is your first language or if you have graduated from a programme taught in English, you do not need to present an official test score. We will ask you to prove that you graduated from a programme fully taught in English (eg a letter from your school).

    All applications must go through our online portal. Once you have uploaded all your documents online, you must pay the application fee to submit your application. Next, we will schedule an online interview to assess your profile and motivations.

    The admissions team attends numerous international student fairs throughout the year. The list of fairs that we will be attending is on our web site, learn more here Please contact (international.admissions@devinci.fr) to arrange an appointment during our visit to your country.

    Yes, you can apply and might be accepted if you score higher than 80% during the interview or if you provide a French certificate (DALF, DELF, TCF) of at least B1 level.

    Accommodation: 750€ – 900€ per month Food: 150€ – 250€ per month Transport: 75€ per month

    Please check the programme page for specific requirements.

    If you are admitted, you must pay the deposit to secure your place on the programme. Then you will receive an official enrolment letter, which will allow you to start your Visa application.

    Applications open in October and close in early July.

    There is only one intake per year in September or October.

    You will need your CV, your motivation letter, a copy of your grade transcripts and any degrees your already hold, your language test score (if applicable), a copy of your passport, and a photograph of yourself.


    The school does not operate a direct placement system but does offer a full support. We host on-campus careers fairs so that you can meet company recruitment representatives. You will also have seminars to help you with CV writing, interview preparation, etc. The school will also provide all the necessary documentation to validate your internship.

    In France, by law, companies must pay interns who work for longer than 2 months.


    Students must have spent one full year in France to be eligible to study in Alternance. So, you cannot study in Alternance during your first year in France.

    You will have classes from Monday-Friday; you may occasionally have an exam on a Saturday. Your earliest class might begin at 8.30am and your latest class might finish at 8.30pm, but you will never have a full 12 hour day. You will have been 18-24 hours of class per week, depending on your programme. Your timetable changes from one week to the next and will be available online one week in advance.

    All of our English-taught programmes have compulsory French classes included as part of the tuition fees. You will sit a French test when you arrive to find your level, so we can put you in an appropriate group.

    More about MSc Computer Science

    Welcome to the cutting-edge leadership education at ESILV, Paris. Our MSc Cyber Resilience & Crisis Leadership programme benefits greatly from ESILV’s exceptional expertise in cybersecurity. As a member of the “Campus Cyber” initiative, supported by the French government, ESILV plays a pivotal role in the cybersecurity sector, connecting national and international key stakeholders. This strategic positioning enables us to provide an in-depth analysis of strategic IT, security management, risk evaluation, and comprehensive resilience. With a balanced approach of lectures, seminars and practical exercises, students engage in a dynamic environment that reflects the challenges of the industry. The one-year curriculum is meticulously designed to provide students with an in-depth comprehension of cyber threats and the strategic resilience crucial for organisational triumph in the face of emerging cyber threats.

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