First job survey

Sought skills in the digital sector

The ESILV’s teaching project, made with and for companies, and the important part of experiences into company during the course (14 months minimum), contribute to explain the successful insertion of ESILV’s young graduates in the job market. The survey first job is made each year by the Corporate Relations Department of ESILV, few months after the exit of the school’s graduates.


First job survey

On the graduating class 2014

Positions of graduates

  • 90% net rate of employment
  • 74% in professional activity (including volunteering)
  • 16% as full-time student
  • 8% on job search
  • 2% without voluntary activity

Main insertion marks

  • 37 312 € average gross annual salary, without bonus
  • 41 590 € average gross annual salary with bonus
  • 19% positions abroad
  • 74% in professional activity
  • 90% net rate of employment
  • 80% of recruitments in permanent contract
  • 77% found their 1st job in less than 2 months

Exemples de fonctions occupées

  • Valuation Analyst – Société Générale CIB New York (Etats-Unis)
  • Fixed Income Manager – HSBC
  • Account Manager – ALTAIR
  • IT and Financial Analyst Engineer – Thomson Reuters
  • Project Coordinator – Unilever France
  • Business Logistics Engineer – EDF
  • Production Engineer – L’Oréal
  • Back-end Developer – Capgemini
  • Engineer – Dassault Systèmes

41590 euros, average gross annual salary

The average gross annual salary is calculated with bonus.

45% of graduates in position found their job thanks to their final year work placement

Company size of the first job

Young graduates are present in companies of all sizes: they are also 21% in small and medium size business of less than 100 employees, 15% in organisations of 100 to 499 employees, and 41% progress in multinational companies of more than 10 000 employees.

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