Corporate relations

Become a partner of ESILV

ESILV improves some very close links with companies in all business sectors: aeronautics, automobile, civil engineering, engineering, IT department, telecommunication, bank, insurance… Students are in contact with the company during their entire course through projects, work placements or conferences presented by professionals.

Teaching partnership

Become a teaching partner of ESILV

  • By participating in our recruitment board
  • By animating some Study Projects of Reflexion and Synthesis (the PERS), consulting missions
  • By recruiting our students in work placements and missions into your company through 4 to 8 months
  • Bring your expertise to our students by giving classes
  • Participate in our Educational Orientation Committee (the COP)
  • Submit us some research works
  • Recruit our graduates and our alumni

Train your collaborators

Train your executives in our lifelong learning institute, the ILV, or get an honoured access:

  • to the colloquium room for your events
  • to the “Learning Center”, centre of multimedia information resource, for your consultations
  • to sports room

Company chairs


The final aim of ALTAIR-ESILV “Optimisation” is to develop an approach of excellence and known in the field of education in digital simulation constrained by a dynamic optimisation throughout the production line

This implies the following sub-objectives:

  • On the basis of collaborations passed and works already done, define and implement an advanced educational engineering for the teaching of the optimisation
  • Develop some innovative educational component
  • Facilitate the recognition of knowledge, by the setting up of certifications known as initial training as lifelong learning
  • By relying on existing industrial partnerships within two partner institutions, promote the recognition of ALTAIR/ESILV’s expertise in different courses particularly aeronautics and automobile
  • In a communication perspective on the partnership: make ESILV (and more largely the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci) as a place of excellence for the reception of events and the reception of lifelong learning organised by ALTAIR on the Optimisation theme and make ESILV’s students as engineers known for their innovative approach of the optimisation which brings an added new value to industrial issues
  • Make ALTAIR as a reference on the Optimisation theme to engineer students

Recruit our engineer students and graduates

Business forum

Hundreds of companies among which Alten, Alyotech, Bull, BNP Paribas, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Steria, Valéo participated in the ESILV’s Business Forum 2014. They could meet ESILV’s students and graduates as well as final year trainees and young graduates.

Engineer work placements

14 months of work placements are planned in the course of the engineering school. According to their expectations, companies can in this way recruit a student of 3rd, 4th or 5th year for a mission of more or less long term in work placement, from 3 months to 6 months.

Young graduates

The Alumni office is at the disposal of companies in order to facilitate their recruitment operations of young engineer graduates, immediately operational in digital technologies.

Applied research contracts

The ESILV’s research laboratory De Vinci Research Center is at the disposal of companies to produce study works within the area of their expertise. The objective of DVRC is aimed at producing operational research, in partnership or for companies, professional organisations or institutions.

International Contacts

Alain Ouvrieu

Director of the International Relations Department

+ 33 1 41 16 72 50
Alain Ouvrieu Linkedin Alain Ouvrieu e-mail

Alice Eyraud

Incoming Exchange Students / Erasmus+ Coordinator

+33 1 41 16 72 51
Linkedin e-mail

Sandrine Mutaliph

Outgoing Exchange Students Coordinator

+33 1 41 16 72 90
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Li Zheng

Outgoing Exchange Students Coordinator

+33 1 41 16 72 48
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