ESILV and Le Monde Informatique organised the IT Tour Paris 2023 at Campus Cyber
15 Dec 2023 /
By Greta Guzman /
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The IT Tour 2023-2024 offers an immersive experience, allowing participants to dive deep into today’s challenges and opportunities in IT. It also fosters the exchanges and collaborations needed to build an innovative and secure digital future. Engineering schools, including ESILV, have come together to host the IT Tour 2023-2024. In Paris, the IT Tour was […]

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Célia, class of 2023: my cybersecurity internship
09 May 2023 /
By Greta Guzman /
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Célia Barras combined her computer science studies with a work-study experience in a growing company. This opportunity allowed her to start thinking about her professional project shortly. Here is her testimony. My name is Célia. I am currently in my fifth year at ESILV. I am in the IOS major, i.e., Computer Science, Connected Objects, […]

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Spotlight on the Cybersecurity & Cloud Computing Major for a More Secure Internet
12 Apr 2022 /
By Carmina Marcarian /
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To broaden its educational focus on cyber, ESILV is introducing a new major as part of the Master in Engineering studies at De Vinci Higher Education: Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing. This programme is dedicated to technologies such as AI, the cloud, and software system security and covers key skills in the digital sector.

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