“Digital sobriety”: ESILV engineering students find solutions at their level
17 Nov 2020 /
By Carmina Marcarian /
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More than 1200 students involved, 226 inter-school teams, 25 trainers. Pole Leonard de Vinci recently hosted a week of activities dedicated to digital sobriety, a sustainable development initiative. As part of the Soft Skills cross-disciplinary week, ESILV’s engineering students were asked to come up with solutions at their level to reduce the environmental impact of […]

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What is Expected from the Engineers of 2020?
13 Feb 2020 /
By ESILV Paris /
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With a lot of technology being deployed, the world is becoming intensely interconnected and the role of engineers has never been more crucial to guarantee that the social, cultural, political, and economic forces will be used wisely to support the innovation that comes with it.

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Meet our Partners: Newcastle University Ranks Among the Best Australian Universities
26 Apr 2018 /
By ESILV Paris /
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French engineering school ESILV students must spend a semester or more abroad anytime from year 3 to 5. Why not in Australia? Anne-Sophie Morvan, manager at Francaustralia Education presented the University of Newcastle to ESILV students. An occasion to find out about this academic partner and more specifically its Faculty of Engineering. The University of […]

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