MSc in Computer Science

3 Reasons to Choose ESiLV for Your MSc in Computer Science
26 Oct 2023 /
By ESILV Paris /
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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and engineering, an MSc in Computer Science stands out as a pivotal step towards an impactful career. So what are the crucial reasons why an MSc in this major is important now more than ever, and how does its program play a significant role in the professional world?

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Embrace the future of technology with ESILV’s MSc in Computer Science & Data Science
13 Jun 2023 /
By Greta Guzman /
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Ahmed Azough, an associate professor in software engineering and computer vision, as well as the director of the Master of Science in Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence at ESILV Graduate School of Engineering in Paris, La Défense, explains how to embrace the future of technology and unlock knowledge potential with ESILV’s prestigious Master of Science […]

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