Big Data: Theo’s Contribution to a Research Project on Tourist Prediction
28 Sep 2021 /
By Carmina Marcarian /
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The applications of big data and machine learning are near-endless when it comes to tourism intelligence. Theo, a data scientist who graduated from ESILV,  is the co-author of a research paper on big data tourism prediction and analysis. The paper “Hidden Markov Model to Predict Tourists Visited Places” co-authored by Théo Demessance, ESILV alumni, Chongke […]

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Big Data: the Impact of The New LGV and the Opening of “La Cité du Vin” on Tourism in Bordeaux
08 Jan 2019 /
By esilv paris /
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By monitoring and collecting data from social networks, ESILV researchers analyze the impact of these structures on the evolution of tourism in Bordeaux. The school pilots a collaborative research and development project called “BIG DATA AND TOURISM”, in partnership with the Bordeaux Métropole, the Bordeaux Métropole Tourist Office and the Banque des Territoires Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The researchers […]

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Big Data: Enriching Visitor Experiences at World Heritage Sites
04 Jan 2018 /
By ESILV Paris /
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The UNESCO Chair Culture, Tourism, Development held its 8th seminar on “Tourism and Information Technology in the Unesco World Heritage Sites”. Gaël Chareyron participated in a round table on Webanalytics and Big Data. Gaël Chareyron is head of the Computer Science, Big Data and Connected Objects major at ESILV. He is also a member of […]

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