Téodora Soit-Vizante class of 2021, from ESILV to Scuderia Ferrari F1
21 Nov 2023 /
By Greta Guzman /
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Téodora Soit-Vizante, class of 2021, has traced her path from ESILV to Scuderia Ferrari F1. Her adventure began with an application to the Ferrari F1 Engineering Academy. This arduous recruitment process led to a six-month internship and a permanent contract in the ERS (Energy Recovery System) department. Learn more about her talent, her commitment as […]

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Mon Super Voisin, cofounded by Sylvain Beral, 2016 alumnus, raises €1M after its pivot
20 Apr 2021 /
By Carmina Marcarian /
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Include complementary services to add value to the shopping experience for French majors retailers’ clients and improve customer satisfaction. That’s the pivot that Mon Super Voisin, co-founded by Sylvain Beral, class of 2016, has made. The start-up has raised €1 million to target large national stores such as Mr Bricolage and E. Leclerc. Sylvain Beral, […]

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