DVRC: Unveiling the Intersection of Mathematics and Finance with researcher Daniele Angelini
12 Mar 2024 /
By Greta Guzman /
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In the realm of financial markets, where chaos reigns, and predictions often feel like shots in the dark, there exists a realm where mathematics meets finance, offering a glimmer of order amidst turbulence. Daniele Angelini, a theoretical physicist turned mathematical finance enthusiast, is a PhD Student at La Sapienza University of Rome and a visiting […]

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Study Abroad in France : Jean, from MIT, Exchange Student at Devinci Innovation Center
05 Jul 2022 /
By Carmina Marcarian /
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Jean Ghislain Billa is a sophomore student at MIT majoring in Computation and Cognition. For his exchange experience, he chose to study at Devinci Innovation Center, as part of the ESILV Master in Engineering program. Jean took his studies abroad for a deeper immersion in France’s academic and cultural life. Today, he shares with us […]

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Soft Robotics Podcast: Insights on Human-Like Artificial Skin Sensor from Marc Teyssier
07 Jun 2022 /
By Carmina Marcarian /
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Resilient Futures Group Principal Investigator Marc Teyssier spoke with Marwa EIDiwiny on a recent episode of the IEEE RAS Soft Robotics podcast. They discussed soft materials and human-computer interaction and Devinci Innovation Center’s contribution to the robotics community. Marc Teyssier is a designer, researcher and principal investigator of the Resilient Futures Group at Devinci Innovation […]

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