Colibri in space: a DVIC bootcamp to take selfies of the Earth in a DIY-way
26 Oct 2021 /
By Carmina Marcarian /
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For the first time, the do it yourself DIY learning at the De Vinci Innovation Center is getting outside. The Creative Technology students had their first “radical learning” session in the heart of the Fontainebleu forest during a “Hummingbird in Space” bootcamp: four days to learn how to use satellites to take the most beautiful […]

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Guided Tour of the Devinci Innovation Center, where the Future of Technology is Being Built
08 Jun 2021 /
By Jonathan Riquier /
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Radical learning, anti-disciplinarity, and collective intelligence are three concepts at the heart of the Devinci Innovation Center approach. Inspired by the MIT Media Lab, the “DVIC” provides engineering students from ESILV with the ultimate playground to test the latest technologies and learning methods. If you prefer a guided tour, you can watch our video below. […]

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