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5 Places To Visit In Paris As An Engineering Student
26 Nov 2020 /
By Naomi Huart /
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If most people choose to visit Paris for its sites, its culture or its gastronomy, students in Engineering might have other motives to go study in the capital of France. Studying in Schools of Engineering located Paris such as ESILV allows international students to enrich their knowledge by visiting many places and museums focused on […]

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Coronavirus Information for International Degree-Seeking Students at ESILV
02 Apr 2020 /
By Carmina Marcarian /
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The Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic is currently spreading all around the world. As face-to-face teaching has been suspended, at ESILV all programmes are continuing online. ESILV Admissions office is working closely with all the international degree-seeking students who are interested in completing their education at ESILV.  Since Monday, March 16th 2020, the President of the French Republic announced measures […]

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4 Professional Benefits to Studying Engineering Abroad
01 Oct 2019 /
By ESILV Paris /
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Studying engineering abroad has big implications for how the rest of a career path unfolds. From gaining international perspective to working with various types of innovators, to working hard and making recruiters take notice, the best engineering schools not only benefit students on a personal, but professional level as well.

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