“Digital sobriety”: ESILV engineering students find solutions at their level
17 Nov 2020 /
By Carmina Marcarian /
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More than 1200 students involved, 226 inter-school teams, 25 trainers. Pole Leonard de Vinci recently hosted a week of activities dedicated to digital sobriety, a sustainable development initiative. As part of the Soft Skills cross-disciplinary week, ESILV’s engineering students were asked to come up with solutions at their level to reduce the environmental impact of […]

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What Skills Are Required to Become an Engineer?
19 Jul 2018 /
By ESILV Paris /
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Engineering school graduates may hold a great variety of positions. They share one common denominator: a capacity to solve complex technical problems thanks to scientific skills. Behavioural skills are also essential to complete projects. What skills are needed to become a successful engineer? In a international and ever-evolving world, society and individuals expect new skills […]

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