La construction des compétences de l’ingénieur

12 majors to provide specialisation, including 8 available on the alternance programme. Students are free to choose their own majors for the ESILV master in engineering programme.


Cybersecurity & Cloud Computing

This major prepares students for the major cybersecurity and cloud computing issues that all businesses face.

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Creative Technology

This major trains students for a career as a Creative Technologist, which involves using cutting-edge technologies and knowledge to invent new products and uses.

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Health & Biotechnology

This major trains engineers directly to evolve in the multidisciplinary ecosystem of medical technology.

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Industry & Robotics

The Industry & Robotics major trains engineers to design and implement modern industrial systems with native integration of digital revolution tools and technologies.

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Data & Artificial Intelligence

Engineers who take this major are data and big data specialists, from collection, modelling and storage to analysis and interpretation.

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This major aims to train future engineers in all the innovative technologies that are reinventing financial professions

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Actuarial Science

The Actuarial Science major trains engineers in risk management and prevention methods, data analysis and actuarial techniques.

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Energy & Sustainable Cities

This major trains engineers in the design, development and governance of energy systems, smart buildings and sustainable cities

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Digital Modelling & Mechanics

The Digital modelling & mechanics major trains engineers to design new complex systems, particularly in the aeronautical and automotive fields

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Financial Engineering

The Computational Finance major develops all the skills you need to learn about and fully comprehend the complexity of financial markets.

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IT, IOT & Security

This major trains engineers with a solid grounding in security for systems and objects, from their design phase to their integration into the company ecosystem.

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