PI²4 – Year 4 Industrial Innovation Project

Projet d’Innovation Industrielle 4

The Industrial Innovation Project 4, or PI²4, takes place in the second year of the engineering cycle at ESILV, a general engineering school at the heart of digital technologies.


Year 4 – Semesters 1&2

Groups of 4 students


Apply the skills of his teaching major. This project takes place in the 4th year of the engineering school’s 5-year curriculum. Equivalent to about a hundred hours per student, it involves a team of 4 students working on a concrete problem, usually proposed by a company or a research laboratory.

Expected competencies

  • Know how to apply a project methodology,
  • develop his technical skills,
  • animate and motivate a multidisciplinary team.

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Showroom projects 2018-2019

Projets en école d'ingénieurs : le showroom PI²4 de la promo 2020

Showroom projects 2017-2018

Les projets en école d'ingénieurs, du concret !

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PI² : projets innovation industrielle, promo 2018

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Examples of partner companies

IRI // Futur en Seine // SAP // La Poste // Strate College // Banque Fédérale Mutualiste // etc.

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Are you a company or laboratory partner of the school? Would you like to test an idea, create a prototype in collaboration with our students?
Proposing your project will allow you to cooperate with a team of innovative young people, to make yourself known to those who will respond to your internship and job offers and to contribute to their training.

Project Calendar

  • Until the end of August – Project proposals from partners
  • September- Students choose projects and launch them.
  • October – Rendering of specifications
  • end of November – Progress defense
  • end of March – Final defense

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  • Momentum strategy in the French stock market
    Speedrofoil prototype
    Understanding the blockchain concept
    Thermal regulation in buildings
  • Analysis of Bitcoin prices
    optimization of the suspension triangle in a car
    Home automation management
    Modelizing a hydrofoil boat
  • Linked Data
    Smoothing thermal conductivities
    localisation and Big Data
    Electricity price forecasting

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